Is leaving the EU going to make us a poor country with lower finance?


Why are we leaving the EU?

We are leaving the European Union because there was a big vote in the UK of 2016. And in that vote 51% of UK citizens chose to leave the EU. [This was my own writing]. What BBC says : The UK is leaving the European Union on 29 March - it's the law, regardless of whether there is a deal with the EU or not. Stopping Brexit would require a change in the law in the UK. []

Will leaving the EU make us a poor country?

[My own writing] Most people think yes because leaving the EU means that we won't be able to trade with other countries. But them people that said yes it will make us a poor country voted to leave the EU. There is a lot of theory's around what will happen but the main causes of us being a poor country is :

  • unemployment
  • illness
  • old age

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