Is money becoming worthless?

I think money is becoming worthless because more people have money and people aern't caring about money and the more money we have the more worthless it becomes because it wont be as rare since it's easier to find.For example gold is really rare and expensive because there isn't alot of it but if someone found a humumgous amount of gold then it would become worthless because lots of people have it and it would be easy to get. People take things for granted when they can easily get something because they wont worry they will loose it since its easy to find.

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  • Elaine-logo-250x250.jpg victorious_snow | Elaine Primary School
    30 Nov 2018

    You are saying that if we have so much money, it won't be worth much anymore.That might suit really really rich people because they can easily earn everything back but for a middle class people poor people it would't suit. This is because they would need that money for so many things and without money of course life woudn't be easy or normal.

    Take this as an example, a middle class family has won the lottery so no they have so much money. With that money they would complete their needs like: paying back their loan they lent, buying a house and maybe paing for school fees.By this point their money would've slowly decreased, they deffinitaly will value money at any point.

    A poor person wouldn't really want anything except money and happiness but we can't really get a fulfilled happiness without money in this modern society. So they most certainly will value money.

    And we all earn money it can not easily just be found.We work then achieve, so that is a higher chance of understanding the value of money.Basically, according to me, we still think and know the worth money.

    Hope you agree

  • Bruche-logo-250x250.jpg exhilarated_globe | Bruche Primary School | United Kingdom
    01 Dec 2018

    I agree with your reasoning behind this because , people do take money for granted a lot , buying things that are un - neccesary . For example you may have seen videos where particulary richer people are using 50 pound bills as tissues and that does cause it to be useless and worthless because they are not using rare money for them , that will be known as trash in there house because , they have so much of it . and like as you used the gold for example . if somebody uses to much of it they will then take it for granted and spend it on willy nilly things

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