Is money everything?


Hey guys its me again artistic_opinion and today I want to disscuss about money seen as the new issue is about financial crisis'. Make sure you read my other posts and comment down below they can be really intresting. I am very sorry that I have not been writing posts because I have been very busy visiting my grandparents. I hope you Guys had a lovely holiday and without further ado lets begin...

Is Money everything?

To begin with, you might be asking what is a financial crisis? Well, a financial crisis is when a bank/country loses a great amount of moneyMany people in the world are suffering because of money. Lots of people can't afford a tv or maybe a even toy. Fro us we can just go to the shop and buy a bottle of water for arounfd 10p .Around the world many banks are making money to help those in their country but also those in other countries. Somtimes many banks suffer financial crisis' because thay spend lots of money on soemthing and suffer great loss.

This chart shows how great a financial crisis is because of how low the number rating can go down and how quick it is to go down.

I knwo that many people love money but there are more than 3 billion people who suffer from poverty. Anyoen living in England today that has lots of money could give £5 to charity and that could save a whole dinner fro families that are not as fortunate.

Rich people like fo0tballers, entrepreneurs , business magnates etc can pay more than £100 and that can save a childs life.Many peopel in the UK to get money do ad things like rob hosues and banks demand money trade and many more illegal things I am not going to mention becasue it might not be appropriate.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    29 Oct 2018

    Hi artistic opinion! Thanks for your post on our new Issue. I've given you a star as you've started writing about the new topic, and clearly done some research, which shows your curiosity. You've also taken your time to write a post that will get people thinking, so well done! (I just removed where your grandparents live, as we keep personal info off the Hub!)

  • Ben-Jonson-logo-250x250.jpg inquisitive_dog | Ben Jonson Primary School
    29 Oct 2018

    In my opinon i think that yes money helps for a lot of things like for food and houses and things like that but sometimes money dose not help for exnaple if your voteing for someone to do something and one person say i will give everyone 1000000 pounds but is that person really good for the thing they are ment to do or do they just want to win?

  • Crampton-logo-250x250.jpg tenacious_hedgehog | Crampton Primary School
    29 Oct 2018

    I don't think money is everything - there are other more important things. Happiness is more important than money. Very rich people - like the Queen - have more than 200 bedrooms and she could give lots of money to a poorer country, or to people who do not have money.

    I agree that money should not be used for voteing - people need to think for yourself and not always go for the money.

    1. Crampton-logo-250x250.jpg bright_truth | Crampton Primary School
      tenacious_hedgehog's comment 31 Oct 2018

      well I disagree because the queen wouldn't give her money to a over country because of political reasons but she could give it to the poor people of England because she has a lot of money.I think some of the royal family would disagree

  • Elaine-logo-250x250.jpg openminded_skill | Elaine Primary School
    30 Oct 2018

    I think that money is everything because famous people like (for example) Simon Cowell. He is obviously an extremely wealthy man: being a X-factor judge along with a Britain's got Talent Judge & many more things. He most likely got his sensational reputation by giving company's money to hire him as nowadays everybody just wants the money. As there are a lot of greedy celebrities. So if you wanted to have a great career in life you'll have to have money.
    For Example, if there was a homeless man - who lived on the street -auditioned for a movie & he was up against let's just say Beyoncé...who do you think the judges would choose? Personally, I think they would choose Beyoncé because the company knows that she is such a big celebrity, so not only is it about money it's about reputation. Company's would never choose a homeless person because he is worthless in their opinion. So they choose the big stars who they will get their movie millions of pounds.

    So unfortunately all celebrities & famous company's only care about the money which I think is wrong. What's your opinions on this?

    1. Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk
      openminded_skill's comment 30 Oct 2018

      Hi openminded_skill,

      Thanks or joining this discussion. Am I right that your argument here is that judges of talent are more likely to pick a rich person?

      What assumptions have you made here? For example, is this the case on Britain's got talent? Was Beyoncé always rich?

      1. Elaine-logo-250x250.jpg openminded_skill | Elaine Primary School
        Tiff @ Topical Talk's comment 30 Oct 2018

        If this makes sense, I believe that nowadays money is all people are after, I disagree with this but unfortunately it is true. Everybody wants money that's true, yet, I believe it's also about reputation. E.g: If you walked into a Job Interview (to be an MP) with your hair all scruffy wearing casual clothes, they wouldn't hire you because they would expect somebody wearing smart clothing, with their hair nice and neat. This is because they have to look presented for their country as it's all about reputation. If Theresa May was doing a speech and walked in like that everybody would just laugh because she sets herself a high reputation and she would most likely have a massive deduction in the amount of money she is usually paid.

    2. St-Josephs-Northfleet-logo-250x250.jpg energetic_conversation | St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Northfleet
      openminded_skill's comment 01 Nov 2018

      I disagree, with the fact that you said that money is everything. you can get some very depressed rich people as money doesn't get you things you'd REALLY want such as happiness and friends. Friends which like you for who you are, not your money. I gathered some of this from a BNC post:
      I also disagree with the fact that you said people will dismiss the poor people and go straight to the rich. On every TV competition show I've watched you don't get the prize for how rich you are.

      1. Noel-Park-logo-250x250.jpg secure_hedgehog | Noel Park Primary School
        energetic_conversation's comment 02 Nov 2018

        I agree with energetic conversation .No! money is not everything because you can be happy without money ,however it is very important to have money to be able to survive and live for example if you have no money you not be able to eat food or drink water .on another hand poor people may have no money and still be happy. Some people have enough money to provide food and water and some do not so money is not everything in , but it is important to have enough money to afford the needed things in life

  • Noel-Park-logo-250x250.jpg capable_wombat | Noel Park Primary School
    02 Nov 2018

    i definitaly think that it is very important to point out that even if you are a millionaire you can never ever buy real friends with money however if you think outside of the box then you know to be able to survive you need money but on the other hand you could have friends when you are actually very poor and i mean very poor by getting 20 pounds to survive for a whole week. Also you should know that money can only get you some simple objects weather it is a robot or a house or any object you name family and friends are the two things you cant buy , you have to work for it .

  • Noel-Park-logo-250x250.jpg marvellous_tree | Noel Park Primary School
    02 Nov 2018

    I personally think that money is not everything cause most people that are rich now was not rich in their childhood or it could be the other way round as a child you could be famous and then when you are older you could be an ordinary person. But just think there about 500,000 and more that are poor and they don`t mind weather they have food or not there just thankful whilst we`re complaining about for example KFC not putting ketchup in our food and stuff like that . so really it doesn't matter if your a billonarie or you're por just be thankfull

  • Noel-Park-logo-250x250.jpg cherished_petal | Noel Park Primary School
    02 Nov 2018

    I think money is not everything because even if you are a millionaire you cant buy happiness or any other feelings because even if you have friends that like you they might just want you for your money or power.True happiness comes from people that actually care for you (like your mum or dad) and not just use you as a wallet.

  • Noel-Park-logo-250x250.jpg lovable_planet | Noel Park Primary School
    02 Nov 2018

    I believe money is not everything.
    Money is not everything because you might have a family and love them and be happy or even love the world you live in for several reasons like seeing different areas and enjoying the people around you.
    It is also important to have money because you can have a happy family and live in a house and teach your children new and interesting facts or sharing options.

  • Noel-Park-logo-250x250.jpg authentic_moon | Noel Park Primary School
    02 Nov 2018

    I disagree I think money not everything but that is most important if you need water and food or any clothing, and it’s another thing we need for our lives.
    If you think about that a little, you know that when you haven’t got health in your life what will happen? I think money is necessary for me but not all of my purpose in my life.

  • Noel-Park-logo-250x250.jpg agreeable_blackberry | Noel Park Primary School
    02 Nov 2018

    I think that you do need money in life to survive , but in my opinion you don't need that much to have a happy life some people think that we you have a lot of money it is fashion but it doesn't matter if you have a lot of money or not.

  • Noel-Park-logo-250x250.jpg fearless_wolverine | Noel Park Primary School
    02 Nov 2018

    I strongly disagree that money is always the answer to everything, however we still need a bit of money to survive.
    Although rich people have can by lots of useful and helpful things, it doesn’t mean it can always help. Furthermore, money can buy you many things but it can’t buy you happiness, love and friends. Having a lot of money can make you greedy, selfish, and stingy. This means that although you have a lot of money, it doesn’t mean that you will be happy all your life.
    On the other hand, you can buy houses, cars, furniture and many other things to make you and your family happy about your surroundings. This means that you can buy absolutely anything you want.
    In conclusion, I think that money isn’t the most important thing in life and it definitely isn’t the answer to everything. You may have many things but you may not have the most important things to help you out in life meaning that all your money is useless. Many poor people are still surviving with a little amount of money, which shows that money isn’t the answer to everything.

    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
      fearless_wolverine's comment 05 Nov 2018

      Well done for giving reasons for your answer and showing the other point of view too.

  • Noel-Park-logo-250x250.jpg capable_sea | Noel Park Primary School
    02 Nov 2018

    In my opinion i think money isn't always the answer to everything because if you have too much money then its not good because you don't need to much because then you would be greedy and money cant buy you lots of things, the only thing money can actually buy you is a house,food,clothes,shoes,furniture,electronics and other stuff but money doesn't buy you friendship,happiness and love.You don't need lots of money to be happy for the rest of your life.On the other hand you do need money to have a house to have food,clothes,shoes,furniture,cars,electronics and so that you could pay the rent and the bills but you don't need to much. I think money certainly isn't everything.

  • Noel-Park-logo-250x250.jpg amusing_impression | Noel Park Primary School
    04 Nov 2018

    Many centuries ago a man faced the problem: it was necessary to find a way to measure the material world and evaluate the work of man. That was the time when people invented money. But most of the human inventions simultaneously carry in themselves both evil and blessing. Money is no exception. Money is what drives all of humanity. It's unlikely that you will find anyone on the Earth who does not know what money is and why we need them. When we hear the word “money”, we immediately imagine different pieces of paper with numbers and special symbols. Thanks to these papers, we can safely live and develop.
    Unfortunately, for many people, money has become the meaning of life. And so it was at all times. I will remind you one feature of money: no matter how much money you have - it is always a little! And do not try to refute this truth, you still will not succeed in this. Because many people have already tried to build their lives on money and as a result, they have been very unhappy. Sometimes it seems to me that money is something magical, something that if misused begins to bring misfortune and a curse. At first people go to school, then enter the college or university. As a result, we get a profession and start working. From this period people earn money and spend them wherever they want. Often they need to provide the family and themselves, of course. Since childhood, we hear that people who have a lot of money live well and happily. Therefore, a person immediately adjusts to the fact that he/she will work hard to have a lot of money. And at first there is nothing wrong with this, because if the money earned by honest labour it is normal.
    If a person has money, he/she can buy themselves food, a house, a car, clothes and other things necessary for life. Those who have money can freely travel around the world, study at the best educational institutions and not do all the work themselves. In films we see beautiful houses of rich people, their bright life, expensive cars and we dream about such life as well. Subconsciously we want to live the same way even if we don’t realize it. Therefore, a person should immediately think very clearly about the role and purpose of money in his life. Do not postpone this issue for later, otherwise it may be too late to think about it.
    When I was a little girl I always thought that we would find a bag of money or dig a treasure chest. At such moments, I was sure. I would spend money on my relatives and parents, would buy them the things they have been dreaming of for many years. Then life would become easier and we would notice the beautiful around us. But with age we changed a lot and our independence or financial independence changes many views on life. As a result the wishes of our parents are pushed into the background. Why does this happen to most people? The answer is obvious - the destructive power of money is simply beginning to manifest itself. Thanks God, this does not happen to all people and not all fall under pernicious influence of money. But many people who acquire wealth lose their humanity. Often people understand that money can give them everything and think that this is the main thing in our life. The life of such people is like an endless pursuit of material values. Money takes possession of people and forces them to work, to work even harder, constantly to work and practically without days off. Then people get used (and a person can quickly get used to almost everything) and no longer notice that for the sake of money they are ready for anything: offend friends, make dishonest fraud in business, steal, and so on. Deceit, betrayal and crime, to risk their own happiness, family, career, freedom, health for the sake of enrichment - this becomes normal. In such cases people are motivated by one desire - to earn as much money as possible. It turns out that money steals our time, and the secret is that just the time is not sold for any money. As a result, friendship, family, good relationships with other people are not important at all.

    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
      amusing_impression's comment 05 Nov 2018

      Please make sure when writing on the Hub that everything you post is all your own work!

      1. Noel-Park-logo-250x250.jpg amusing_impression | Noel Park Primary School
        Olivia @ Topical Talk's comment 07 Nov 2018

        Hi Olivia from the BNC it’s me amusing_impression and I was just writing to tell you that I was writing on the hub but I used the internet for some of my writing. Thanks for listening to my reply Olivia I hope you understand once again thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Noel-Park-logo-250x250.jpg fearless_wolverine | Noel Park Primary School
        Olivia @ Topical Talk's comment 18 Nov 2018

        Hi you need to use the internet for your posts

  • Arnhem-Wharf-logo-250x250.jpg artistic_opinion | Arnhem Wharf Primary School
    05 Nov 2018

    Thank you guys so much for starting a conversation it was really interesting reading them all

  • Noel-Park-logo-250x250.jpg amusing_impression | Noel Park Primary School
    18 Nov 2018

    It is often said that money is not the most important thing in the world. For many people, however, it is right up there next to air in importance. These are not necessarily overly-materialistic people. Rather, they simply understand the true value of money. Money, in and of itself, is not very spectacular. What money can do for you is what is really important. Money gives you freedom and choices.You can decide where and how you want to live when you have a good income or financial resources. On the other hand, when you do not have much money, choice may be something that you cannot afford. The choices available to you may not really be choices at all. With money, you can often rule today’s materialistic world. If you have enough money, poverty will never approach you. Contrary to what most people think, it is not money or the love of money which is the root of evil—it is greed, a love of power and authority, poverty, and a fear of want which are often the roots of evil in this world. You can buy a good house , wear good clothes and spend on the things you get pleasure from. You can maintain your health even though you cannot rule your health. Money helps you with that. With modern healthcare increasing human longevity, money can help you to improve your health by letting you lead a comfortable, healthy lifestyle if you spend money on healthcare, whether it may be spending on diet and nutrition, working out, or just taking medication.
    A lot of people globally postpone health checkups because they don’t have enough money to pay for health care bills. Again money’s role in health maintenance is irrefutable. Money is often inseparable. Money often helps to create power and reputation. Reputation creates authority. However money is not everything and there are other things that are more valuable in life . Money is only a tool or medium to achieve happiness ,it may not be the everlasting happiness in itself.
    Some downsides:
    • Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.

    • Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.

    • Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that.

    • If money is your hope for independence you will never have it.

    • If you live for having it all, what you have is never enough.

    • We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

    • Wealth is like sea-water; the more we drink, the thirstier we become.

    • If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free. If our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed.

    • You can only become truly accomplished at something you love.

    • Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.

    • Money often costs too much.

    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
      amusing_impression's comment 19 Nov 2018

      Please make sure that everything you post on the Hub is written in your own words!

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