Is money ruining our world?



What is money to you?

Let me define money for you.

a current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes; coins and banknotes collectively.

That is what money really is.

Other people think that money is everything; the key to surviving through the world.

Think about the Financial Crisis, would it exist if weren't obsessed with money?

Please share opinions in the comments section.

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  • I believe that if every one was not obsessed with money it would still happen because
    everyone needs to have money to live and theris over 7 BILLION people in the world

  • I think that it is just the same as trading.

  • I do not think that we would have a financial crisis, because we would not use as much money, so there is more money to go around.

  • Although we do need money to buy food and other things the financial crisis would probably still have happened as the government spent the public's money forcing some people out of their homes and jobs which was not actually the public who is "obsessed with money"

  • Today many people are obsessed with money ; however, if you deeply think about it , way before we were even born , people were doing things similar to spending money. So excellent wolf I agree that its a bit like trading . People would trade objects such as animals or tools so that they can buy things . Therefore it is very similar to buying things. We might never learn to let go of money and because of it people believe that we need it to survive. So there may or may not be a crisis depending on the way we spend .

  • These days, money has become an addict. We rely on it for everything but if you realise obsessions are dangerous and that asking for more when you are sure that you are not able to pay in return for what you have borrowed you would not have spoilt yourself. That way, the financial crisis would have never occurred. Also, we are in debt 60% more in debt than in 2008 according to another person on the BNC. If the people of the world had not been addicted to money, all of the money that we lost could have prevented our amount of money from being so low.