Is Pocket Money A Good Thing To Have?


Is Pocket Money A Good Thing?

Pocket Money is given a lot throughout the globe but is it really a good thing and how does it affect a child when too much is given? In My Opinion pocket money is a good thing but should only be given when a child has done A chore, Gotten good grades in school etc. Too much pocket money could often give a child the thought they don't have to work for it. Pocket money is important to reward a child if you give the child a lot more than they should have you, yourself may not have enough money to buy essentials for your house, this could go as far as not being able to pay your bills because you have give your offspring too much pocket money. This is a serious crisis and could affect the family! Over 50% of the world has parents giving to much pocket money to their children! Pocket money is a good thing but too much could cost you more than you think!

Please If you have any Questions, Suggestions, Or even Opinions Feel free to leave it in the comments bellow I would love to know Your Point of View!

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