Is the government doing the right thing by letting most bankers carry on with their jobs?


Here are some positive ideas:

1. They are just doing their jobs

2. They are just trying to be the opposite of what people who are criticizing them are saying

3. They have our money in their hands so they trust us to trust them

4. They are helping us to pay our loans

5. They assume they are doing the right thing

Here are some negative ideas:

1. The interest bankers are given disappoints many members of public

2. They may access a person's bank account without permission

3. They are given bonuses whereas a doctor (etc) isn't

4. They are paid a lot so people think they are snobby

5. They don't have to do much, e.g. a bank cashier

My opinion :

I think bankers are rather helpful because they store your money safely so you don't have piles of bags full of money lying around your house. If you did, there would probably be a lack of money missing due to robbers. Another reason is that many people treat bankers with disrespect, they don't think their money is in safe hands so they criticize them and sometimes may even report the banker! P.S remember that is an opinion.

My questions:

1. Who was the first person to decide to criticise a banker?

2. Could we maybe raise more awareness on this issue?

3. Should children be educated on this issue?

4. Why isn't anyone doing hardly anything to sort it out?

5. When will this issue end?


Please comment down below what you thought about my post!!! If I get enough positive comments, I will start to think about writing another article!!!

Thank you for your time to read this discussion starter, until next time,

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