Is The UK Having Issues With Money?


Is The UK Having Money Troubles?

10 years ago the UK struggles Immensely against the 2008 Financial Crisis,fortunately we have come over that time but there still could be a possiblilty that money issues have come back to strike!

The reasons why I think this is going to happen:

1) Workers are being paid less on their jobs.

2)Shoppers are spending way to much money and paying high prices than they should.

3)Many more people are now going into serious debt.

Those are some of the reasons why I think this is going to happen here are some of the Solutions I Believe that will be able to stop this:

1. The Government lend money to the people in debt.

2. The Government should give banks stricter rules just in case it hits the banks to.

3. Business peole should be lent money to pay their workers.

To conclude everything, I am saying that there may be another Finanacial Crisis but we can stop it this time from affecting so many people. Right now the UK is in a lot of debt with about £138 Trillion, In my opinion this can be fixed if stricter rules are placed down and the General Public know their boundries.

To find out more about this please visit this link: What do you think? Can this be stopped? Or is it going to affect us like In 2008?

Please leave your Idea's and Suggestions In the comments bellow I would love to know what you think about this Topic!

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