Is work always the way out of poverty?


"Oh! get a job or you'll be poor!"

"Get a good job so you can get rich!"

"Start working!"

"You're future depends on work."

Apart from the last bit the rest is nonsense!

Just because you have a job doen't mean you are rich; there is a 60% chance of getting rich because these days people have been loosing their jobs because their workplaces don't have enough money to pay thier employees.

In January Carrilion closed down and many lossed thier jobs.

Reports said that House of Fraser stores will close down in the next year or 2020.

Recently, in October M&S stores are starting to lose their jobs.

If you have a goo job and you can afford your rent and mortgages with more money to spair you are no where near poverty.

It depends on the job that you have to escape poverty and your wage.