# keep money safe


The financial crises I because of the bankers giving to much money to the people in GB and it is also the people’s fault because if they could pay it back there would be know financial crises.

If I borrow money of the bank first I make shaw I can pay it back second I don’t ask for to much so I can save up, pay back and the ask for a bit more if I was a banker I would pay them in stages like if they wanted a 100,000 I would pay 10,000 then if they prove they can pay back I would pay them another 10,000 and go on so we know they can pay back.

A nother safer way to lend safer is by keepin notes on how much you lend to some one and who you lend it to so then they have to pay back the same amount of money that got lender to them.what other ways do you recon that can help the financial crises leave a comment?

I think the bank of england is safer then the other banks the government banks should be more safer when lending money like making people a persific day to pay the money back and if this is there first ever time asking for money from the bank but there asking for £100,000 only give them £5,000 to make shaw they can defiantly pay back.