Learning for Loaners

Learning for Loaners: a money management course.

My idea for a way to solve the financial crisis is to have banks legally obligated to hold a support class for those looking to loan money from a bank where bankers can check their credit scores and if they'd be able to get a loan- or, if they can't, when in the future they can.

Groups like this can support those who wish to take out loans and they will be advised on where they can get loans, the dangers of loans and the responsibility of taking out a loan, especially with interest rates. This will mean that bankers will need to have more training and will be made to consider who they may be giving loans to as they will be meeting them beforehand. People will also get more advice- isn't that what's best for everyone? The people get advice, the bankers get business and the financial crisis is prevented- brilliant!

This encourages banks to be responsible and people to learn about the money they're borrowing and how they're borrowing it- this would help prevent another financial crisis as banks know who they're lending money to and what will happen if they lend money to those who can't; those who lend money will know what will happen if they don't pay it back (such as repossession of their homes, repossesion of their possessions and a bad credit score.)