Money matters in schools.


On average, an English primary teacher's starting salary is around £19,600, compared with an average across OECD countries of around £18,700. After ten years this reaches around £28,700, much higher than the OECD average of almost £23,000 []. Money matters for teachers because, they need money from the head master/mistress. If teachers don't get paid how will they feed themselves/ their family if they have children. I'm not too sure on where the headmaster/mistresses get their salary from, but if you know then leave a comment.


You must know that children go through a lot of equipment through the year because in my class our 200 pencils has gone down to about 20 pencils so schools also need money for that aswell. Equipment also costs a lot of money so say each ruler is £1 then you would have to multiply that by 250 which comes to £250. Then do the pencils then rubber then sharpeners. It would be a lot of money.


Books in schools must cost a lot of money [Books as in the books you write in]. Also, reading books must cost alot of money aswell because for good quality books like for example Roald Dahl books they will cost about £15 - £17. Also it depends on the students handwriting for instince children might go through a whole book in a quarterof a year, that means the school will have to pay for double the amount of books.

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