Money matters...always!

This is my entry for the ''Money matters'' weekly competition!

When does money matter, and why?

Money matters because...

  • In order to avoid living in poverty, you must have money, not a heap of it, just enough for food, drink and shelter
  • To pay your bills and loans for heating, lighting, ovens, toasters, kettles, electricty, etc.
  • To get medication and pharmacy (Of course, we have the free NHS, but not all countries have free medications).

How can we earn money?

We can earn money by:

  • Getting a job
  • Being supported by a charity (Only if you have some sort of condition, or if you have no home, so this one is I'd say quite limited to us)
  • Getting a job THEN becoming a good worker and get a bonus (Note that not everyone can get a job, you need to have a college experience and all of that kind of stuff to learn the basics before actually starting the real thing, like a game, you can use a demo before you buy it, then that's the real thing!)

What job wouldn't we want to get? (Add opinion in the comments!)

In my opinion, I wouldn't want to be a banker. Here are some reasons why I wouldn't want to be one, and why you shouldn't want to be one too. (No offense to people that are or want to be bankers, though!)

  • They are arrogant
  • They are snobby
  • They take other people's money
  • They do hardly nothing and get more bonuses and money wages than more important and hardworking professions, etc: teachers, doctors, firefighters or police officers.
  • They often show off because of how much money they have when, really, they just took it off others! Unbelieveable!

The thing is, they aren't very nice.

*+What's YOUR opinion? Tell me down below! I'd love to know!*+

This was made by industrious_squirrel! :)

The website I used using the information included above: I didn't use a website for this, I used all of my known facts!

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