Money poem extension...

Money, money :

Money, money help us write.

Money, money give us light.

Money, money you don't grow on trees'.

Money, money you help our needs.

Money, money can we have no financial crisis please.

This will effect me and my needs.

Our careers need money.

Without this we won't have anybody.

Bills :

Bills we give.

Loans we take.

All for our needs.

With no hidden fees.

I will do good deeds.

With this money,

I will pay all my needs.

I won't delay.

Any of the pay.

Until I have given,

the things that spell take.

This is my only hope.

Until I become homeless,

with no joke.

If I don't give one last penny,

I will become homeless.

The financial crisises effect me and my family.

This is my final piece on the 'Financial Crisis' discussion.

By, placid_meerkat.

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