My inspirational women who I would like on money

My Inspirational women is Jacqueline Wilson. I would love her to be on money because she does very good books that I enjoy reading.

I belive the topics she covers in her books [ Bullying, Running Away and parents separating ] are great topics to use as some children are going through this and it may help them. The books I have read so far have been 1st person. I love the description she uses because she makes me feel like I am there in that scene or that persopn.

She was born on December 17th 1945 in Bath, England. She wrote her first novel at the age of 9. It was 18 pages long. She became most famous for writing the story Tracy Beaker which became a TV series.

She has wrote over 100 books, has won many awards and was appointed in the OBT.

I wish Jacqueline Wilson could be on money!

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