Next for the Bank of England.


I think the Bank of England has a positive future, that is, if it works hard. As the government owns the Bank of England, if one goes down, the other one goes down, if one goes up, the other goes up.

My reasons.

The government is a business going up. People are working hard, and OUR money pays for it, which then goes into things like hospitals and schools, and the Bank of England! A big thing in my school, is rules, how RULES keep us safe, and help them s to move non the right direction. So if we follow those rules, then everything will go well. The financial crisis, might partly depend on people making silly suggestions to lend them money. If course, that is also bankers faults by lending it to us, but if we hadn't asked, they would never have to.

The Bank of England.

People work hard for the bank of England. It is VERY safe. As far as the bank knows, on one has ever stolen a SINGLE bar from the banks vaults. Impressive. There are people that are ALWAYS going to TRY and steal gold, or expensive jewellery, or many bank notes. But the Bank of England has been put in charge of Gold, and never in the 300 years it has been open, has anyone ever stolen anything. The closest someone has got, was when someone found a underground passage. He (it was a man) let them know with a note saying to meet them at midnight. They weren't sure but went anyway. He showed them it and got his reward as they blocked it up. That is the other thing. People CARE. They WANT the Bank of England to be SAFE. So hopefully, if anything ever happens like that again, the same thing will happen. This is a true story that Emma @the bank of England told us.

What do you think is the future is for the Bank of England? Do you agree with me?

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