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My name is Camran. I own a barber shop. My experience of banks is positive because as I took a loan, it gave me an opportunity to sart a buisness. This affected me in life because it let me have a barber shop which let me earn my own money and open the door to a brighter future fo me and my buisness. I think this is fair because I pay 1/4 of the money I use to have to pay to rent the shop. I feel that it was a great decision and I was right to take it as it put me in a better position then I was at the start.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    15 Nov 2018

    Thanks for sharing this story from your Burnet News Club session. What do you think about Camram's business? Do you think he was brave to take the loan or was he taking a big risk?

  • St-Gregorys-logo-250x250.jpg proactive_piccolo | St Gregory's Catholic Primary School B| United Kingdom
    06 Dec 2018

    I believe he was taking a big risk because he might not be able to pay it back

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