poem about the financial crisis.


Such a strange,

Yet incoherent idea.

Born from one glittering thought,

Turned to a mind-bending nightmare,

Controlling our lives.


In the end,

On one calm September night,

The Financial crisis of 2008,

Had begun,

Its dastardly plight.


By one,

The chaos spread,

Meaning one by one,

We would not leave our bed.

The chaos spread,

Money went to our head,

And that was the story,

For one year forward.

Now we are stable.

The country is calm.

Yet the sanity could slip,

With us in money’s grip,

And we could collapse,

Down to the rubble,

Of societies end.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    04 Dec 2018

    Excellent storytelling! I really feel like you've set the scene nicely for the crisis. Was there one option for preventing another crisis from happening that stood out to you as a good choice? And, if so, can you explain why?

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