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There are other questions I would ask but the main topic of this 'Pocket Money Pot' is how much pocket money should you have? Though a very similar post has been written by proactive_rasberry on:

I had so much to say I couldn't type it all down on one comment...

How Much Pocket Money Should You Receive?

I've heard many thoughts and answers to this question, not just on BNC but also in a few conversations now and then. There are people who think we shouldn't have pocket money at all as they beleive that everyone is just given for no reason. The child then wastes the money on little spoils on tings like sweets or even toys they wouldn't play with. On the other hand, most children work for their money which would make them more comfortable when they have jobs in adulthood. This paragraph hasn't really said how much pocket money you should receive, but I'm starting from nothing and processing upwards.

How about £1 a week. If a child receives this they're either very young or they don't work to receive this money.(Possibly both.) Leaning towards my perspective on how much money we should receive, I think that if you're about 8yrs or older and you receive this amount of money, though it's a tidy profit of £52 a year, it really isn't worth it. You should work for you money and receive a higher profit or not even have pocket money at all. You don't NEED pocket money, I have many friends who don't receive pocket money, a vast majority of my class

Lets move up to £10 a month. Now that can be a lot of money depending on: 1.Who you're giving the money to. 2. The age of the person. 3.If they have something they're saving up for and a few other details... Now this might sound ridiculous, but some people would give this money to people aged below 7yrs. If a lot of people did this you could easily calculate a Financial Crisis in the distance! As you have probably noticed, a lot of my opinions about receiving pocket money has a lot to do with ages. I've made little chart about what ages I think that child should have. What I've written goes up to the age of fifteen as that is the age of the oldest person I know that receives pocket money. I haven't put down the chart on this post as many of you might disagree or have your own ideas.

Your comments can be of your chart, as in age to money, you can vary in any way you like. Enjoy!

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