Safer banks, safer britain!

The rule that I would implement to prevent banks from creating possibly another financial crisis would be to be more money conscious. I personally feel that the bank should not be lending money to people who cannot pay it back. When discussing giving someone a possible loan they should think about 3 main factors :

Does that person have a stable income

Will that person definitely be able to pay it back

Will that person use the money for illegal purposes

By analysing the person’s eligibility using these three factors, the banks could essentially cut down on crime rates in England and reduce the risk of developing another financial crisis in the long run. There is the possibility that a person could not be offered a loan if they have an ongoing criminal record even if they are going to use the loan for something legal, it will also be a bit time consuming trying to find this out. But, it will benefit the Bank of England in the long run and working U.K residents as they will not have to think about facing the wrath of another financial crisis in the upcoming years and U.K crime rates could potentially decrease. It will not benefit people associated with crime and illegal activity. Overall, I think this is a fair rule to ensure the protection and growth of the Bank of England.