Safer Banks, Safer Money

As we know the financial crisis was a time of despair and many people needed money but since it’s only 10 years from the financial crisis have we all recovered from the dreadful time.

Safer Banks:

For us to have safer banks we could lend money to people who sign a contract to say that they will pay the bank back their loan as soon as possible. You need to give people a loan for a substantial reason as they might spend it on unworthy things and if the banks do that they could like keep a lot of money for the people really in need of loans.

Safer Money:

For safer money people could spend things on essential things like food. Also if someone doesn’t have enough money they could spend it on worthy things and then if they have enough they could spend it on good things. They could then save some money if they need to pay their bills.

These are some ways of they can make Banks safer.

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  • Portobello-logo-250x250.jpg honorable_penguin | Portobello High School
    17 Dec 2018

    I agree. I think that it is so important to make sure that whomever you are lending the money to, can pay it back. Also I like the contract idea. 👍

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