scam artists and how to avoid them.


Are you always being scam due to people calling you and basically taking advantage of you? Well I (the unassuming_seal) tell you how to avoid them and tell you that they are scams. The first thing to know if they scam artists is they will automacially say that you have been in some sought of accident. As you listen to them more carefully you'll realise that it sounds like a bot.If you believe them and give a email and password you'll sudden see over the next few days a sudden drop in your bank account.If you try to speak to the police they will say that they cant do anything. Ever way, they are taking advantage of you.But to avoid them you should block they number after they call knowing that its a bot and have listened to my techniques. I recomend this to older people and young aldults. I hope article has helped and have a lovely day.