Shipwrecked on Island: What do I Need?


Dark times. Dangerous boats . Uninhabitable oceans. Horrific weather. This is a story, a story of my miserable stay on an island, an island in the North Atlantic Ocean near the Bermuda triangle and my secret possession that I deemed useless, until now.

It all started out on 13th November 2018. I left the London docks at 4:15, as I wanted to scourge the North West Passage all the way to N. America. My team consisted of 500 men, all had an I immensely important role on my ship, The Terror.

We were at least three quarters of the way there, when... A terrible storm struck. It savaged our ship, obliterated our ship, annihilated it. From my thorough research, I was the only person to even escape the ship alive.

I was scared. I was hungry. I was, I was lonely. The night drew on, I was trapped in the captains quarters; something had blocked the door on the outside. There were not many resources at all. I had enough food to last me two weeks. I had a few clothes to salvage but other than that, I had nothing else.

The next day, I woke up late, due to yesterday's tragic events. I found, to my surprise, that the door had unhinged itself and I could easily tear it off. I also found that I had landed on an island. I managed to salvage a lot of supplies, such as: books, wood and kindle, tinbed food, weapons and something I found utterly useless, a flare. It was useless because the voyage had been confidential and before we were shipwrecked we could not an SOS or any distress signal of any sort.

I started my on type civilization over the next few year. I built structures, hunted animals, created a farm and even started a mine. Out of nowhere on 2021 13th November, out of th blue, in the distance, I saw a ship, yes, I typed ship. There it was, no and bold, it was called The Errebus.

I sprinted across a reservoir and launched the flare up into the sky. I have been saved...

So now you've heard my story, about how I was shipwrecked. I hope you have learnt a lesson. One, always stay home. Two, always keep a flare with you.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    21 Nov 2018

    This is a great story but it's in the wrong place! This is relevant to the Weekly Competition and not the overall Issue, therefore, please copy it into the comments section here:

    Remember, we value comments JUST as much as new posts and both of them can win stars. We really like the BNC to be having great discussion in the comments section rather than writing new posts every time. Thank you!

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