Should bankers be allowed to carry on what they are doing?


Should bankers should be allowed to continue their job?

Here are some reasons why you may think they shall be allowed to carry on:

  • They're just doing their job, (And helping many) so they should carry on.
  • They're paid to do this job, so I think they'd be in it for the money, but, they're still working so I guess they can carry on.

Here are the reasons some will go against them continuing what they are doing as their job:

  • They're in it for the money, not to help other's financial causes.
  • They are doing way more little than other jobs and getting paid more than others.

Now, when I told you about doing less but getting paid larger, me, my class and my class-teacher were talking about this.

For example, doctors, (Of course they are many more more.such as the teaching profession but I'm only naming one) they have more important jobs than just monitoring other people's bank accounts. They help people when they are poorly and we in the UK are very lucky compared to other countries and we get our medications and appointments for free, whereas others don't, they need to have a good medical profile and some money.

This isn't fair, in my opinion. I think they shouldn't be able to carry on. I don't think they should be forced out of their job, I just think they should be told to work harder!

What do you think? Do you have any changes for me to edit? Tell me by commenting in the box.

The resources I used: The video on 'the financial crisis' that the Burnet News Club made.

-This blog was made by 'industrious_squirrel' from Evelyn Street Community Primary School, Year 5.

I hope you learnt something from this blog and I also hope I gave you a swing of curiosity! :3


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