Should banks get more profit?


Banks work hard for us, and we just expect to access our money at any time. We don't go through the stress. But bankers and banks do. So do they deserve more than we give them?

What! Bankers, who caused the financial crisis, and one of the best jobs in the country get more money?!?!

If banks get more profit, the general public have to pay more. Banks don't get money out of nowhere! so why should we have to pay more? We hardly get any interest, so why should their equivalent be SO much more? NOT FAIR. It is quite cheeky of banks to even expect money after the financial crisis, I know I wouldn't trust them with much. We pay back a bit extra, when we're already giving them our money to save. Which they then lend to others, and get money from them. They can't lend anything without us! So why should pay for them, to earn money. See my example bellow...

You have a fair bit of money. Someone you don't know, but works for a business you know, asks you for money to spend their children. You THINK it's a nice thing to do, but why give the money to them?

It's quite similar with bankers. It is like something that has to happen, (like what you leave at a restaurant after you've eaten. It something you have to do it it's rude) that you can't get away with. I don't think that that's fair. Forget about banks/bankers getting more money, they shouldn't get any profit at all.

Banks deserve the extra money for the many years of hard work that will or has happend.

Has anyone any idea how stressful and worrying the role of a banker is? Yet we just sit there, wanting our money, and not going through any of the stress! I don't think THAT is fair, but now we're saying, them and their business, shouldn't get to keep the little bit of extra money we give them for individual hard work. Of course, they might not get to keep the money that we actually give them, but if lots of people contribute, it defiantly pays of. You can't not pay a little bit extra at a restaurant, you can't not pay a little bit extra to the bank that has been so loyal to you, and helped you get safely through the financial crisis. Just because someone was alive at the time of the financial crisis, doesn't mean that they are responsible. Just like if a restaurant has a napkin on the floor, it doesn't mean you shouldn't pay. I bet that in our lives, we have all been involved in an argument or something nothing to do with that could get you into trouble. Then, we get punished for that thing that we were didn't do, but something we were only around at the time. We don't want that to happen to bankers, who didn't have anything to do with the financial crisis. Bankers should get paid more profit.

My opinion.

I believe that we do have to be careful when we give away our money, but bankers work so hard through so much, they deserve to earn more for their bank. I believe that a good solution would be that the more you put in the bank, you give a fair bit less back. This is only an idea, but it could still work! This is my opinion,what is yours?

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