Should children be given the rights to have money


This could be argued on a balanced argument that children should'nt be given pocket money or should have pocket money its knew that people give there kids money for doing jobs they also do this so there kids know how to handle money for when they are older,but some people don't have enough money to give any money to there kids. Any rights should be equal how could we ensure all children receive these rights.

It can be argued that children should'nt be given pocket money,because some people dont have enough money to give a single peny to there child,children could spend valuble money on sweets,toys and paying on vidio game boosters. Also kids are young in the brain so they spend it on some thing cheep rather than saveing up and geting something big like when there older a car,a house and even enter tanment for there kids.

People say that its good to give money to there kids to teach them how to handle money when there older and to reward them for there hard work also people do it to encorage the kids to do good stuf rather than bad. Also people say itwould be good for kids to have poket money for hard work so they know how to look after there house rather than there partner in life.

I personaly think children should should have the rights and every one should be equil on my standard but also it should'nt be fair on the kids that could have pocket money. Also children should be given pocket money people [the boss] at work should be give a extra 10£ so the peole that don'nt have the money to give pocket money should,it could be an opotunity to uper peoples edication be paying 10£ for there hard work so it encorages them to work harder.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk 05 Nov 2018

    Well done for giving reasons on both side of the argument. The question about whether children should be given pocket money has already come up as a post on the Hub. Please make sure you always read other people's posts before you write your own, that way, we can have good quality conversations all in the same place and avoid repeating ourselves!

  • I think children should have pocket money so that in the future they would have more money.

  • I think that children should get pocket money because they need to know how to handle it

  • I agree that they shouldn’t get pocket money but they can work overtime to gain EXTRA to give the MONEY.

  • I agree with both your reasons why kids should and shouldn’t have pocket money but you need to remember that they might spend it on cheep items or save it

  • I think that children should have pocket money because then the can learn how to spend and take care of it

  • i think that children should have money because in future they know how to handle it

  • I believe that children have the right to own money.

    When some children have money, they save up their money to buy something expensive that they really want and parents may not have enough money to buy useful things that they need. Children might also spend their money on dangerous or unhealthy things that parents might think is not appropriate. Also, they might lose their money or someone might blackmail them.

    However this doesn’t mean that having pocket money is bad; there are many advantages of having pocket money.
    Some children save up their money to buy something useful or they might just save it to use it in the future when they grow up. In addition, children can learn how to handle money so it will be easier for them when they grow up. Also it can encourage children to behave properly because money is often a reward from parents because of something helpful that they have done such as chores.

    In my opinion, Children have as much right to own money as parents. Just because they might not handle their pocket money well, it doesn’t mean that they can’t learn how\ to use it appropriately.

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  • I really like what you have written

  • Thank you for all the comments but I have more to add

    Its said that pocket money is good but can also be bad for a lot of reasons for instance they could spend it on DANGEROUS things like fire works,laze pens,knifes,drugs,beer and stuff under the law that could put them in jail.I think that pocket money is a great thing but safety is more important than sweets also some people may black mailed by some one like a criminal or some nasty teenagers. Thank you for commenting write more soon

  • I agree with this , children do deserve pocket money when they do chores , but children who don’t do anything around the house they don’t deserve anything! Houses can get messy quick but children that help prevent that help their parents ! Plus in some homes children that do , do chores don’t get money ! This is a practical reason why : financial crisis ( because they have to spend money on practical thing - cleaning supplies , food , clothes - )

  • Children should only be given money if the do chores around the house and if there behaviour at school and home has improved the maximum of money should at least be £10 a week ( at the most ) .

  • I think children should have pocket money for things like University. For example I work for Pocket Money and most of it goes into a savings account for when I'm older and for things like, as I've already said, University.

  • Frank this what a great piece of writing well done

  • Children should have money because they can have a future for a job and a future life with their own home. What type of question is that!!

  • Frank smashing piece of writing

  • amazing piece exited to see more!