Should children have pocket money?

Should children have pocket money ?example- joe had pocket money that his mum and dad gave him. Having pocket money can teach him the value of monet and how to handle it.Joe understood that money can be very useful and helpful so one day joe asked his mum if he should spend his pocket money on some chocolate or he should save it up for something more valuable.His mum said to him “if you could have anything in the world that you can buy what would it be?“Joe replied ”A new house!” So when joe was older with his money he had saved up he had bought a new house.But his friend Fred when he was younger he didn’t get given any pocket money,but when he asked his mum and dad about pocket money they said “we don’t think you need pocket money because when your older you’ll have money.” But it didnt affect him at all.So do you think children need pocket money or not?

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