Should students have financial lessons in school?


In life, some teenagers when they go to university, or move out from the parents' house or start an apprenticeship or job, suddenly they panic as they don't know how to pay rent, or they don't know how to control their spening habits. In my opinion, when students start secondary school, one of their lessons per week should be about financial aspects of life.

These financial lessons would include how debit and credit cards work, how to save money and how to pay rent or mortgage. Some people (young people especially) don't know what to do if they don't have much money. People take out loans, thinking 'Oh, I can pay that loan in a few weeks!'- a few weeks later and before you know it they take out more and more mony until their debt is out of control. What if teenagers are orphans or live on their own? Who would teach them about how to handle money when they're older? This is why I think we should have financial lessons.

One of the reasons why the Fianancial Crisis of 2008 happened were that people took out loans they couldn't pay back, causing havoc throughout the country. If we had financial lessons in school (and I know I would like to have them) then everyone would be more aware of the financial aspects in life and this could prevent another possible financial crisis.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk 28 Nov 2018

    Thanks for writing a post! You'll find that this topic has already written about before, and there is a great discussion thread going on underneath it. Please always read other posts first and join in the comment section, rather than writing a post that repeats a topic. That way, we can have lots of really high quality conversations!

  • i belive students should have financial lessions because
    1 it helps them to learn about the world because if their was a bad thing happen in the financial world students would be aware

    2 this subject might help to pursue dream in the banking world.think about it if you were a young student perhaps in primary or high school and you want to become an accountant you would want to start at a very young age

  • i do agree i think university should be free

  • I think students should have their own financial lessons because it can teach us about our elder life