Should the government rescue banks?


It a very useful ( as a bank) to have someone or a company to rely on when the worst comes for their business. But should the government really help banks in their sticky situations or do schools need it more than them?

No, it's not the government's job to top up banks!!!

If all the time banks knew they could receive money from the government, then the country would suffer with there not being enough money for things like schools, hospitals and other important businesses the government works along side. They wouldn't need to work! Banks need to earn money and if the government continually kept stepping in, then we would be in trouble. It is important for the government to focus on other things like education - much more important then banks having a LITTLE more money. The whole country's work and health might go wrong because the government is giving every bank little bits of money, which they can't anything with unless they save a for a LONG TIME!!!

Yes the government should help banks!!!

A little bit of money isn't true and banks only receive money from the government when they really need it. Banks can be saved by the government giving them money and for all they do for us, they deserve some help from the government. It is unfortunate that schools and the NHS rely on the government but they should have some other ways of receiving money. It is not fair to stop banks receiving money if the government can easily deal with giving some money to banks. E.g

There's no reason to stop water because you want to save the environment if there's no shortage of water, is there? So why stop letting the government from giving out money. Turning of the water would just cause problems, so why do it???

My opinion!!!

I think that banks should be careful with their money, ensuring that they don't get into trouble financially wise. This should stop the government from lending money to banks where it could go to schools the NHS and other businesses that rely on the government to pay them. What do you think?

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