Should We Save Or Spend


Hello inventive_bat here. I want to see if its better to spend or save. I have linked three examples to do with saving, spending and depositing.

In my oppinion, I think its best to save. I think this because you may want something one day. But if you save and see somthing else you want you can buy it whereas if you spend you dont get what you want.



Saving is good because if one day you ssee something expencive that you want you can buy it- it also gives you satisfaction of buying.


Janny sees a £1000 drone in a catalogue. She puts a pot in her room and every week she puts £30 in the pot. After many months she goes to a shop to buy this drone.



With spending you can get something but probably verry small.

Eg- Janny is buying a toy witch was £1oo. She has been saving up for something else though but she wanted the toy. She bought the toy. She was verry happy although she was sad because she has to save up to get that over something.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk 19 Nov 2018

    We have had a post about this before. In future, please only write original posts and keep further ideas to the comments section. Thanks!