should we take the risk of borrowing money ?


should we really take the risk o borrowing money from our local bank ?

i personally think that , it is an enormous risk , in lesson of the economist lesson , we watched a video of 3 people who borrowed money from the bank , if you took notice of the girl from London you may have heard that she will have to pay back the bank for 32 years !! in an average person , that is around one third of their life , and all that money was for a flat in a small quiet part of London . I dont think that is very good because , wha if you cant afford food for that month or to buy more toilet paper ( ESSENTIAL ) and you cant purchase that because you need to pay the rent of the small flat you live in !

or with the barber , he has payed the borrowed money back and now has 9 shops around his area . which is extremely lucky !! in the end of his story , he was in a win win situation . Whereas with the 2nd guy , he completely failed with the borrowed money when his business rolled down hill .

what would you do if you ; A wanted a lovely cottage on a feild ; B start either a barber shop or a beauty shop ; or C wanted to make a theme park

choose you optionand please put it at the end of your comment .