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Dear the Bank of England Committee,

Efficient_ ukelele and I believe that it would be beneficial if the bankers wages were changed. This would mean that instead of earning bonuses for taking risks they would earn rises for being safer. We think this because thebankers would still work as hard for getting safer loans and the banks will earn more through all the bankers loans. Also, this would make the likelyhood of another financial crisis would be small as the banks would not give out dangerous risks. Also, as represented by Dave in the song ( from the tune of Believer by Imagine Dragons) the bankers will be happy with this.

Here are our lyrics: Why don't you sing along with us!

First things first I'm gunna say all the words inside my head,

I'm proposing a safer idea for the bank oh oooooh for the bank oh oooooh.

Second things second giving bankers bonuses for being safer will help to prevent a financial crisis oh oooooh prevent a financial crisis oh oooooh

Dave was a banker with the UBS,

Taking safer risks with with people's money,

Saving money for the public the banks, the government,

He got the banks money with interest,

Gave the public safer loans and got a rise for his hard work.

That's why you shouldn't take...

Risks! Make the bankers make the bankers not do this, not do this,

Risks! They build banks up then bring them down, risks,risks.

Risks... Taking calculated risks is okay. The bankers will earn and get more if they don't...

Risk! Make the bankers, make the bankers not do this, not do this.

Third things third, this idea will help to keep more people using banks meaning they will earn loads more money oh oooooh loads more money oh oooooh.

Banks were choking in the crowds,

Falling like ashes to the ground,

Trying to make a few pounds,

But they never did, ever did, dying and shutting.

Taking too many risks and it rained down. It rained down like....


Let us know what you think in the comments below! Thanks!

Honorable_Conclusion and Efficient_Ukelele

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