Banks nowerdays have rules but, are they strict enough?

Banks all have rules but, some people don't feel safe keeping their money in the hands of the bank because what if something happens? They don't want to loose all their money which they invested into the bank, this is why people want stricter rules for banks.

Stricter rules mean more controll over your money and more sense of keeping it safe. If there are no strict rules, banks could let everyone invest money without permission and give money to us without even thinking about how much you invested in the past. Now, there are rules but, we could make them even more stricter than ever before. Banks are just like schools. If you loose something that is school property you are in huge trouble and you have to replace the object that you lost or broke with money and your parents/carers and your principal won't be very pleased. Just like banks if you losse somebody else's money you are in huge trouble and you could get fired! This is not the only issue about loosing money. Bankers in the past have lost people's money and nothing has been done about it, some bankers have even gotten bonuse's. This is very unfair and this should be illegal what do you think?

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  • Portobello-logo-250x250.jpg honorable_penguin | Portobello High School
    10 Dec 2018

    We agree that there should be stricter rules they’ve got a lot of trust as they are dealing with everybody’s money and the banks could lose all your money or it can be stolen. That’s why there should be stricter rules for the bank!

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