The Bank Bonanza


I think that bankers shouldn't have given loans to people because some people don't even pay the bank back.Here is a poem about it.

Never give loans.

Otherwise the bank is going to explode.

Loving loans causes the bank to decline.

Or you will have to pay a fine.

And if you get arrested.

Never let badness become embedded.

So, that is why banks should not give loans for if keep on this act it will be like banks were lost in a sack.

Thank you for reading my poem about why banks should not pay loans.

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  • Thank you for publishing my post I would like to have some feedback on my post.

  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk 07 Jan 2019

    Hi compassionate_environment,

    We feedback on a selection of posts and comments throughout an issue. We don't give feedback when requested because it would be difficult for us to commit to. Also, we also don't want BNC members to feel that success on the Hub means feedback from us. Success on the Hub is great discussion happening between students!

    We might give feedback in the following instances:
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