the bank crisis.


the england bank 2008 the crisis.


the bank crisis .This is when the bank started to run out of money due th not being able to pay other people and they were not getting the money that they needed either.The reason why this happened is because the people that were getting loans and asking the bank for some money for example for a house,car or whatch .Then this is when things really started going down hill.people would ask for some money .The bank would give them the money that they needed.The problem was that when it came to paying the bank some money plus the extra money that they needed for other people to use,they wouldn't be able to pay them back.In all honesty,i really do not think that this was their fault because people were losing their homes,jobs and money.This was the main reason to how the crisis happened in the first place.Really though,it's not like they expected to lose their jobs,homes or whatever.


The problem with when the bank of England ran out of money and were offically broke,was that the bank of England owed money to all the other banks just in case they got stuck in the same pradicament.In this case ,the bank of England running out of money wasn't really an option but at this point it was too late.Other banks started running out of money because they weren't earning any money!The reason for this is because when people wanted a loan or in this case just some money,the bank couldn't give them the money because they were giving out too many loans and people couldn't pay them back!So now people don't trust anyone with thier money so no one is going to get any.......moneyyyy.

Who's fault is it ?

Now,the moment you have all been waiting for.This is the paragraph that will wiggle your socks of ,make you fall of your chair and make you spitt out your drink!Who's fault is it?Mainly,i think that it's the people that are asking for money's fault bacause for example,Billy could have 20,980 pounds and want to buy a car that is 38,970 .Billy obviously doesn't have enough money to buy his dream car.So far so good right?He goes to the bank and asks for 38,870 pounds.Do you see where this is going "blink" "blink!He get's his money ,buys his dream car returns to the bank and this is what happens ...

BANK: "Do you have our money?

WOMAN: "Yes indead sir . {gives money}

BANK: {takes money}"mis?You have given me 20,980 and not 38,970...

WOMEN: "Oh sorry sir [walkes away]


That's what happened...!In general though,i feel like it's everyones fault the peole asking for money,the goverment,each individual banker and the banker's boss because they all had their own role to play and i feel like they didn't handle it very appropiatly like muture adults would.

I hope you engoyed this piece of writting it took me quite a bit to write. BYEEEE!

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    09 Nov 2018

    This is a really fun post that explains lots of different ideas to do with the crisis. I've given you a star for storytelling, as you've communicated the topic in an original way! It would be great for you to reply to this comment with a summary of the ideas you write about in this post.

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