The Bankers

The whole financial crisis actully happend because bankers got greedy, they gave out to much money and gave it to people who could not pay back the money. This caused the UK economy to crash. Leaving some people with no shelter. To stop this from happening again all people should have an identity card that shows their past history in paying back loans.

For example you go to your bank and show them your identity card, and if you have been able to pay back your loan in previous years the banker will know you are more likely to pay the money back, than if you had not payed back successfully in previous years. Also, bankers need to be more careful on what they are doing because the financial crisis was their fault and there was a big impact on the UK. This happened in 2008 and cost the UK lots of money. Indeed it is still costing the UK money.

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  • Hanson-logo-250x250.jpg hopeful_panda_bear | Hanson Academy
    08 Feb 2019

    But if they have an identity card who has its past in about loans what if they couldn't pay back loans at that point and then basically they had changed and they had the money to pay back a loan what would happen then

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