The Final Peice


The Financial Crisis happed ten years ago in 2008. It happpend because the banks gave everyone a loan or morgage even gave it to the people that couldn't pay it back and in the end the banks ran out of money. I think that they should have stricter rules for banks. I think this because if the bankers only give loans and morgages to the people that can pay it back then, a financial crisis won't happen again, the banks won' t get closed and the bankers would learn how to be safer with money.

This idea is fair in a way because banks would be safer with money but in another perspective it could be unfair because people who are poorer won't be able to get money to rent a house and buy things like food, water and clothes. This idea should be enforced because the quicker it happens, the less likey a financial crisis will happen again, also bankers will learn how to be safer with money. The bankers would benifit from this because the banks won't run out of money and peoplewould pay it back, people won't take out morgages and loans that they can't afford and the banks won't risk loosing any more money.

Mrs Milller is a designer. When she was walking home from work saw a house on sale. She thought to herself and this is what she was thinking " it is closer to work and i can afford a rent from it if i get a loan from the bank." Mrs Miller called up the bank to ask if she can have a loan, since she was a reliable person and always pays off her rent they said yes.

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