The financial Crisis in Italy and Bangladesh: My family experience

I would like to share my family's experience of the 2008 finanical, global crisis.

In Italy there was a big financial crisis, loosing lots of money. My prarents told me that this was getting serious and affected them a lot. The house money was increasing and the banks wanted more money. Some people had to leave their homes and be homeless.

In Bangladesh, may parents told me the banks had to shut down and beople were suffering without food. This was getting really intense and everyone searched and searched for old coins and other notes. This took them years and years to search and save up, but when the money stated to come back, this improived everyone's health.

the difference between the two countris affected people a lot. How you say?

The money in Italy is worth twice how much it is worth in Bangladesh, beacuse Italy is a stronger counrty: but the financial crisis hit them both the same.