The Financial Crisis: My Ideas.


Although, sadly, my video along with Talkative Duck, could not be posted due to technical difficulties, I have decided that I will write down our conversation which we recorded. In the conversation Talkative Duck was thnking like a banker and I, Affable Weaver, was a journalist, thinking like the general public would.

It started off like this.


Hello, today me,(blanked out) and (blanked out) will be talking about the Financial Crisis and our view of it. So, although this may have been said hundreds of times, I have an idea- what of we only give loans out to people who could repay it, 'Safe Loans'. This would ensure people and banks would not lose money.


But what if the person who we decline of a loan would have been able to repay it. An excellent example is Mark Zuckerberg. Banks declined him of loans because of his age and now he is one of the richest men alive. If we decline everyone with a loan that they 'might' not be able to repay, then our economy would not improve nor decrease. If we gave loans to more people then although there is a chance of the direct opposite, our economy would greatly increase. It just wouldn't be fair on the few people who would be able to repay. Just not fair-


But shouldn't you be thinking of the majority rather than the minority. You said it yourself ' the few people who would be able to repay'. And what is the chance of another 'Zuckerberg' happening. How many people are billionares from ideas? The answer- not many. Most billionares are made from inheritance or relations, not from people who were rejected loans!


Why shouldn't I think of the minority? The entire reason we were able to come back after the Financial Crisis was because of the minority helping. Eventually, the minority will become the majority. Our name as a country is barely ever England- we always call it Great Britain because of our connections, or we call it the United Kingdom. We are united because we think of the minority in modern day. And our full name is The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northen Island. We though of the small country on our west, the country that does not even fully share ideas with us. By extension of our name we are The United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northen Island, the Commenwealth and the Empire. We thought of every minority and we made it the majority. feel that we should do the same here.


But what if 'Safe Loans' were to become 'Safer Loans'. This would give loans to not only people who we are sure would be able to repay it but also people who we think have a good idea or people who can nearly repay it? Does that sound good?


That does sound good.


Thank you for listening to my ideas.


Thank you for having me, bye.



That is the end of mine and Talkative Duck's conversation which we could not figure out how to upload.

Comments (4)

  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk
    29 Dec 2018

    Well done for taking the time to write out your conversation. we really liked the example you gave.

  • The-Ruth-Gorse-logo-250x250.jpg hopeful_saxophone | The Ruth Gorse Academy | United Kingdom
    31 Dec 2018

    i saw you perform and i think that as a final piece this is really good and also the role playing you and Talkative Duck have done is good . I think that because taking a role of a banker is hard and also you taking a role of a journalist is very good as it increases your knowledge of a day to day life of a journalist and banker. I think that you and Talkative Duck work good as a team and will continue to.

  • RockcliffeManor-logo-250x250.jpg grateful_chicken | Rockliffe Manor Primary School
    08 Jan 2019

    I think that the role of you and talkative Duck has very good connection of friends and co-operation . I also think that you and Talkative Duck work very nicely , kindly together and are very close team work

    1. The-Ruth-Gorse-logo-250x250.jpg affable_weaver | The Ruth Gorse Academy | United Kingdom
      grateful_chicken's comment 13 Jan 2019

      Thank you for thinking that the friendships within my club, The Ruth Gorse Academy, are strong. I would like to confirm what you are saying. Yes, Talkative Duck is one of my friends.

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