The Financial Crisis


The new issue is the financial crisis. Many people may think different, but I blame thia on the banks. I think this is because they are letting people spend public money. This is what I think they should do:

1) The govenment should give people jobs and lend them some money.

2) The banks should know who to trust in order to loan some money. They shouldn’t loan to much. The reason is because you won‘t know whether the person will pay back monthly.

3) Everyone is wasting money on games and toys people might not even play use. We need to do less of this and spend money on the actual things we need.

4) Persade people to: save money, use credit cards less, don’t loan to much money in the bank and save your money.

That is all the information I’ve got for you. If you have anymore ways to prevent the financial crisis let me know!

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