The nightmare is coming back...


Anyone remember the financial crisis? It affected a lot of countries, especially Greece. Countries are still paying debts 10 years later. People lost jobs,houses,businesses, etc. It was a horrible time and we are just starting to recover.

Unfortunately, we are starting to head in the direction of another crisis. I garente that if we don't take action now, we will regret it.

To prevent this I think banks should stop giving so much money to companys,which encourage bad things. For example, Amazon they are treating employees disgracefully. Banks should not be giving money to this company, and other ones that are doing bad or encouraging bad things. This would save money and if a crisis did come around they would have money to give to people.

This is only one in the many solutions. I can think of many more, what do you think banks, governments and people could do to prevent this?

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