The truth


If everyone told the truth would things be the same?

If people did notlie , the government might of felt safe to give the banks more money. If every body worked they would get paid at least £8.50 an hour every one would be able to live a normal life style.

people could save money by,

1.not buying things they don’t need like designer stuff.

and things like that you could by the same things for cheaper prices from primark .This way we would not need to borrow as much money from the banks.if everyone worked everyone would get money. it is nice to have a treat from didior or a place like that ,but you should save for it so you don't need to borrow as much money from the banks.

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  • Tiff-Avatar.jpg Tiff @ Topical Talk
    07 Nov 2018

    Hi cheerful_river and all BNC members,

    Thanks for the post, it's so interesting to think about truth and trust!

    I'm going to challenge you to give strong reasons. I've got 3 statements below which contain information to challenge this post. Read through them and look back over you post. Can you explain how the information challenges what the post has said?

    1. In some parts of the country £8.50 an hour is difficult to live on.

    2. When people buy things from shops, they are supporting that business and the staff who work there. When business do well, a country's economy grows which is good.

    3. Sometimes people believe they will be able to do something, like paying back a loan, but circumstances change and they realise they can't.

  • Streatham-Wells-logo-250x250.jpg communicative_outcome | Streatham Wells Primary School
    08 Nov 2018

    I don't understnd

  • Bruche-logo-250x250.jpg cheerful_river | Bruche Primary School | United Kingdom
    20 Nov 2018

    In many parts of the country there are sales and pound world you could also change jobs or move to another place which £8.50 would be easier to live on .

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