Was the finantial crisis that bad


The finantical crisis was bad as it not only effected the UK it also effected the entire world.It is most likely it will not happen again and has a 1/100% chance it will again.Nothing has been as bad in the past 10 years of banks as this crisis.After this crisis has happened no banks are aloud to give loans away to people who can’t pay them back, as that is what caused the shocking crisis to happen in the first place.Now the crisises have stopped even as we may still be re-covering from all the stuff that had happened in the past du the financial crisis. Is

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk
    30 Nov 2018

    Please only write posts that start a totally new discussion on the topic. This has come up before, so your ideas here would make an excellent comment in the comments section underneath a post, rather than your own one. That way, we can have better conversations with each other rather than lots of new, separate ones. Thanks!

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