What are the benefits of: saving, spending and investing money ?


There are many benefits of saving, spending and investing, but what are they?

If you save money, in the future you can always come back to your money and use it to buy or pay for important or expensive things such as education, a house, hospital treatments... Furthermore, if you retire from your job, you will have money to use even though you can’t work anymore. If you run out of money, you could use the money you saved. Saving money can relieve anxiety and help you to not worry about running out of money.

Spending money is a beneficial idea too. If there is something you really need, you should spend your money rather than save it. This is because later on, you might not need it anymore. Spending money can relieve stress and help you lift your mood after something depressing has happened. Furthermore, you should treat yourself to things that you really want. Also, if you give money to charity, it can help you feel proud about what you have done and inspire others to do the same.

Investing money is also a good idea because you can start a new business and help you earn more money. In addition, if you invest in a business, it will mean that you might not need to save up your money, as you can earn it even though you are spending it at the same time. Investing in a business also means that you will not need to find a job because you have started a business which can help you earn money. It can make you rich and you can spend it on anything that you desire.

Having considered both sides, i think that investing is the best idea because you can earn more money than you started with, whereas if you save money, you might use up all of it. Although spending money can lift your mood, if you invest in a business, you can earn money in which you can spend it.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk 12 Nov 2018

    This is a good post which shows great reasoning. Remember that all posts should start an original discussion, so maybe next time you could add ideas like this as a comment onto a post that already exists!

  • I like your research about saving money will relive anxiety.

  • If you save money I agree that you can come back to it in the future. You then went on to talk about saving up for when you retire, another option is to have a pension and put a certain amount in every month ; however I understand that this is not always possible if you are self-employed. It might also be advisable to save as if you come to some financial difficulties it would be helpful to have some money at hand. It might also be wise to spread your money out incase one of the banks you are with goes bankrupt then you will have not lost all your money.

    I agree that spending money is important however you should be wary about how much you spend. Spending might be enjoyable and help to lift your mood but it can sometimes be hazardous as you might spend more than you can afford which lands you in dept. I think you should monitor how much you spend because sometimes you might not know quite how much you are spending. I know that most shops sell cash books which would be easy enough to keep track of your money.

    Unfortunately, I do not agree with your statement that investing money is a good idea. I think that it is extremely risky. I agree that sometimes it is worth it. But if you have ever played a game like monopoly you would realise that taking risks can usually not be worth it. I think that if you were rather rich then investing might be a good idea but you should never pay too much and you should have all the facts about the company. You should also be prepared to lose the money.

    Overall I think that saving is the most important thing. But spending is close behind because you need to want to save and then you want to have something to spend it on. I think that investing is a good idea for the really wealthy and if the money does get lost then it should not affect them. But if it does work then well done to them!

  • I think a benefit of saving it that when you come back to it later , you have enough money to purchase big , expensive things ! Where as with spending you buy little things and to most people the hat , the sweets Andy the bar of chocolate that man just bought made him smile for the rest of the day ! Where as investing you are at first loosing money as your donating it , but you will also take part of that profit and end up getting around 5 % more then you invested.

  • I believe that saving money is a good idea because it allows you to save up for a larger item which could cost more than what you're earning. However, you might start saving too much money and not think about the present. This means that you might not be spending enough on things that you need every day. Such as: food, water and heating.
    Spending could also be a good idea because, everyday you need to spend money to survive. Because you need food and water to survive. Also spending allows you to buy things that you might really want. But if you then spend too much money on things that you don't need you might end up with no money to spend on the really big things in life. Like paying the rent.
    Investing money could be a good idea because it allows you to have help on buying a house or making a company. And buying a new house could make you really pleased with your self. Making a company would also make you pleased with your self since you would be earning money and doing something that you love.
    Overall I believe that investing money is the most beneficial thing to do.

  • I can totally agree,love this writing!keep up the good work!I believe that is making the right choice to invest!I hope more people reply to this blog

  • Spending money, when you need to, comes close to when you're debt. Saving money is just another way (for example) "to keep your greediness inside." My friend at school said "I would save money for a new PS4." Yes, it might be something quite silly but at least he is saving and isn't just spending and spending.

    Girls are usually said to be spending an awful mount of money on clothes and jewellery. But it isn't all true, yes girls love to shop and go out and buy stuff but, maybe they have saved some money for it or have wanted for a long time and finally have to money to buy it.

    People don't understand what "spending" and "saving" does for you.

    To include my speech: I believe saving money is the best for all.

  • I do agree with your points however personally, I wouldn't save money for a really long time because their value might decrease or might not even exist anymore. Also, having so much money (which you know belongs to you so you have that rights to touch it any time), might trigger you to use it because you know you can earn it back and by using it, you will full fill your needs.

    You can obviously spend money with some valid reasons to say that is correct but here are few points to say why you should save it.( I may have said that saving wouldn't be a good idea but I said saving money for a really long time wouldn't). You should definitely save at least a little amount because of the emergencies that may suddenly appear. At that point of time, you will be ready to face any plights with the help from money.

    Lastly, investing money would actually be the right choice because(as you said the business idea would mean a lot of money which then means you don't have to save money). Also this would be beneficial for the economy because as the business grows more employers would be appointed which provides jobs for them. And if the money is invested for a good cause like: medical needs; charity and other life saving causes, then the economy will improve and this will surely give a valuable result to the country.