What are the benifits of saving/spending money?


here are many benefits of saving, spending and investing, but what are they?

If you save money, in the future you can always come back to your money and use it to buy or pay for important or expensive things such as education, a house, hospital treatments... Furthermore, if you retire from your job, you will have money to use even though you can’t work anymore. If you run out of money, you could use the money you saved. Saving money can relieve anxiety and help you to not worry about running out of money.

Spending money is a beneficial idea too. If there is something you really need, you should spend your money rather than save it. This is because later on, you might not need it anymore. Spending money can relieve stress and help you lift your mood after something depressing has happened. Furthermore, you should treat yourself to things that you really want. Also, if you give money to charity, it can help you feel proud about what you have done and inspire others to do the same.

Investing money is also a good idea because you can start a new business and help you earn more money. In addition, if you invest in a business, it will mean that you might not need to save up your money, as you can earn it even though you are spending it at the same time. Investing in a business also means that you will not need to find a job because you have started a business which can help you earn money. It can make you rich and you can spend it on anything that you desire.

Having considered both sides, i think that investing is the best idea because you can earn more money than you started with, whereas if you save money, you might use up all of it. Although spending money can lift your mood, if you invest in a business, you can earn money in which you can spend it.