What banks are not helping us with!


Banks are giving people loans even if they can't pay it back they don't check and say you have payed your loan back before you can have another loan, and this makes people go through a financial crisis and end up homeless. You may think it's there fault for asking for the loan but, they could have checked and because they sometimes don't check this is what happens people end up homeless. If those people are lucky they will go to a homeless shelter.

This is not the only reason people go through a financial crisis sometimes people loose their job and sometimes their manager can't pay them and if they don't get payed they can't pay their next bills and then their bills get doubled and if they can't pay that they end up homeless. But if their lucky they can go to a homeless shelter and get a room there for free and then get a job and get a house then pay their bills and live a happy life: if there not lucky enough to get into the homeless shelter then they live on the streets.

.Their are other ways to get homeless these are the only ones I'm aware of.

.There are over 320,000 homeless people in the entire of Great Britian.