What I have learnt about the Finacial Crisis so far.


The Finacial Crisis is a very big deal.Many people have lost money,jobs,homes and busines.I think this all satarted because banks gave out money with out checking the people they gave it to.This may not be far to people if they have never done this before.If some some one wants 100,000 to let’s say it is to help them buy a house banks should give them 10,000 then see if they can pay it back,if so they can give them another 10,000 until every thing is payed.This would help a lot of things includ the finacial crisis.I have got a friends opinion on things,she think that the Bank of England is to blame because the Bank of England gave the bosses money.Then she said the bosses persuaded there works to give out more money and they will get more of a wage.This is why she thinks the Bank of England is to blame.I have got another person view on things he thinks that the bankers are to blame he thinks this because they keep on givine money to people.It looks like we have round about the same ideas even though they are a bit different. The financial crisis hit in 2008 it made lots if problems for people working because they may have lost there jobs since the company may have not been able to pay them . Other people may have just started a business .

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