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Hi There, This is my Final piece so ..... Let me tell you about what I recommend:

What's Correct:

1. If you DON'T want another finacial crisis then pay the back the money you owe the bank.

2. Check before you write a cheque because you could make a very big mistake!

3. I think that the goverment should definatley make stricter and more sophisticated.


If this dosent work then this is the outcome:

Man: Hey i'd like to borrow some money from the bank

Banker: Ok how much ?

Man: about £100,000

Banker thinking: MY boss said if i get a person to ask for more than £100,00 then i get a bonus

narrator: this is not very good since this could eventually start a finacial crisis

Banker : how about £150,000

Man : umm.. Ok?

The banker wasn't thinking about the effects of this , he was only thinking about himself.

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  • Ormiston-Bushfield-logo-250x250.jpg authentic_road | Ormiston Bushfield Academy A | United Kingdom
    07 Jan 2019

    I see your point here and I like how you have done it, my only negative is that its very unlikely the person would accept the 150k as it means they have to pay much more back and they obviously need the money to buy things or maybe rent so they could be struggling so 150k would just make it worse for them as they have to pay back alot more than they wanted to so they wouldn't accept it also personally ive never seen a banker ask if they want more. :)

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