What is actually optional in the banking system?


Banks as we know has a superior amount of difficulty to follow and it is extremely hard for us to study.

It has many systems that we can't either understand or we don't know.But here are things that are optoinal and not optional for us:

many thinks it is obvious that putting our money in the banks is optional however I think it's not, because if we have so much money, a safer place to put it is bank. Also if money is there right next to us, then we will have the mindset of taking it without being protective. So you can decide wether it's optional or not.

You asking for money is optional but if we think on the other side, then things will seem a bit different. When there is a situation which you desperately need money, then we don't actually have an option other than asking to lent money. So sometimes it'll be optional and other times it won't be. Following this depositing money is also optional but if there is hard situation then it'll no longer be optional.

When commercial banking system is involved situation decides wether it's optional or not.

I do really wonder what other banking system there are that are optional and not optional because there are specific systems follow what we choose which automatically turns to non-optional. Like we borrow money as an option, sometimes, however if a financial crisis happened then nothing is in our hands.

Does this means our economy actually takes over us with maybe little secrets behind the banking system?