What is Money?


How did money originate?

Many ancient civilisations used a system called bartering which we now know as trading or swaping. Items that were often bartered were livestock and and crops. There is no date for the invention of money as it was invented before the art of writing, pre-history. However in the past items such as gemstones ect. have been used as an equivilent of money.

Is money good or bad?

Money its self is neither bad or good but can be used well or badly. It all depends on who is using it. Some may use money for good, to bring hope while others may become greedy towards it and try to use it to harm others. Money has had a massive inpact on our world. Some believe that money makes life fairer but for others it makes life harder. But normally money helps restore order the Financial Crisis was one of the few times the bank and currency has failed us.

Please comment your views or answer one of the questions below.

1)Do you think money is good or bad?

2)If you could change one thing about the UK's currency system what would you change?

3)Can you describe money in three words?

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ Topical Talk 19 Nov 2018

    Well done for asking questions to stimulate a discussion about this. I have awarded you a star for your curiosity. However, this topic has come up before, so writing this post as a comment on a different conversation (and getting stuck in!) would be a great way to keep the conversation going without repeating a topic - and comments win stars too!

  • I think money is not really essential in life. I think this because thousands of years ago we survived perfectly without money. However, I don't think we would survive without money nowadays because money can get you anywhere in 2018 and so on.

  • 1] I dont think money is but everyone is very greedy about getting more more more.

  • 1 In my opinion ,I think money is not a good thing in life because its not fair on the people who don't have money anyways its not essential because you don't need it for everything

  • like you said ,thousands of years ago people lived with no money so why do we have to live with it today.

  • I also agree that money is also a good thing because some people use money for people and hope I mean in a good way while some people will bring greed towards it and hurt people in a kind of selfish way

  • I believe that nowadays the life became more difficult for people because even if you have money people will still make the value of the cost higher and higher then soon people cant buy the things they want e.g. house. Today there is no balance . Although you have a job y0u still suffer to get what you want , they are increasing the money to make the life tougher.

  • People that are poor doesn't deserve money because they are lazy to work.

  • I think money is good because it helps us through some of the challenges we face in life, however, money should be used to reach a goal not become the goal it's self.

  • I think money can be good sometimes because it would help in any case of emergency that involves money

  • Do you think money is good or bad in a forlorn way.

  • I think money can be bad at the same time because it can caused by lots of other things.

  • I think money is good because you can buy food or transportation with it.

  • I believe we are sending money to children in need to all sorts of places especially Africa.

  • I think money is a bad thing because it can corrupt people and make them greedy

  • I would be pleased if the government in London makes everything affordable for poor people.

  • I heard that money is something not everything . So we don’t really need it. Money is mainly showing off with nothing . So there is no point in this be happy with what you have. You sometimes think in your head that you can do this and that if I had more money but no. What if everything you wanted is everything you have now.
    Example: your body your breathing.
    Be happy with what you have and thank god

  • I think money is bad because lots of homeless ask for money and if they get enough money they buy cigarettes not food. Cigarette makes homeless have yellow teeth and black lungs whereas food makes you feel better and they don’t make homeless have yellow teeth and black lungs.

  • But only some people don’t use money for cigarettes,so they become very hungry don’t they?

  • I feel like money is nothing but a way to rub it in poor people's faces. Some people don't but most do, not everyone has the respect or decency to even give a penny.

    Who thinks it's fair and why?