What is Money?


How did money originate?

Many ancient civilisations used a system called bartering which we now know as trading or swaping. Items that were often bartered were livestock and and crops. There is no date for the invention of money as it was invented before the art of writing, pre-history. However in the past items such as gemstones ect. have been used as an equivilent of money.

Is money good or bad?

Money its self is neither bad or good but can be used well or badly. It all depends on who is using it. Some may use money for good, to bring hope while others may become greedy towards it and try to use it to harm others. Money has had a massive inpact on our world. Some believe that money makes life fairer but for others it makes life harder. But normally money helps restore order the Financial Crisis was one of the few times the bank and currency has failed us.

Please comment your views or answer one of the questions below.

1)Do you think money is good or bad?

2)If you could change one thing about the UK's currency system what would you change?

3)Can you describe money in three words?

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