This question could be taken in literal sense. Perhaps it is enquiring what material object would be most useful on a stranded-island situation or what objects are of most value to the Burnet demographic. However, I took it in a slightly different instance – that being metaphorically. If the Earth’s shores could wash up anything before our eyes, what would be the most valuable to the planet? Delving even further into this metaphorical vantage-point, the answer may differ from physical. So that leads to the question: what abstract concoction of things would serve the Earth best in the current world climate and society? The answer is simple. World-spread happiness. Every single person on Earth could do better with a little more happiness in their life; the most pure euphoric emotion. No currency on Earth can be traded for experience of said emotion and therefore it is one of the hardest to obtain. Happiness is one of the most valuable things on Earth, not only from an angelic or moral point of view, but from a mental/psychological one as well. Happiness makes the world go round quicker than money as it cannot be substituted for anything else and is one of the things everyone strives for in life. If everyone had this happiness, the world would be far more likely to succumb to optimism and peace. Raw mortal feeling is the most valuable thing that could aid the Earth because very few people have enough of it.